Link for the Group of Seven, Canadian Painters from the 1920s

I worked almost my whole professional life as a painter without knowing the heart stopping glory of a group of Canadian painters called “The Seven”. Then someone came to one of my open studios at Western Avenue in Lowell, MA and commented that The Seven must be a huge influence in my life because my work looks just like theirs. As I had never heard of them I looked them up on the net. I have never been so struck by any other group’s work, even the Fauves. It is amazing to me that They are virtually unknown outside Canada! However they recently had a show in the UK and it has since traveled back to Toronto until January 6th. I am wondering if I would be able to go by hook or by crook. It would be the show of my life! But if that doesn’t happen, I am hoping for at least the catalog of the show for Christmas. Please check out this movie. It just may change your life…or at least your perspective on it.


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