Franco American School, Lowell, MA

When I am not creating my very colorful and peaceful paintings I am teaching. Yes! Teaching art in Lowell, MA at the Franco American School. Its truly my dream job. The children are excited about art, respectful and most of all children. Does this mean they are sheltered? I don’t think of them that way. But compared to other children in other schools I have taught in, yes, I suppose they really are. I think it is a sad state of affairs when we expect 5 year olds to not raise themselves, be the “responsible ones” and be the care takers of inept adults. However, at the Franco, children are still children and wonder is alive and well. The teachers are dedicated, fun and experienced. We all have the heart and soul of the child front and foremost in our minds and personal sacrifices are made to a worthy cause: our young people! I just wanted to speak out about my school because it is such a joyful place and with parochial school enrollment the way it is, I would hate for it to succumb to the onslaught of the charter schools. Please consider this amazingly special school if you are in the Lowell, MA area and are looking for a PK- 8 school. Besides, a professional artist is the art teacher over there. (ME!)