East End Summer, $2200.00                                                                   Beachlines, NFS

24″ x 45″, acrylics and wood on canvas                                               24″ x 45″, acrylics on canvas



Waterway, $2500.00                                                                                           Baltimore Sun  $2200.00

36″ x 36″, acrylics and wood on canvas                                                         26″ x 50″ acrylics and wood on canvas


2 thoughts on “Abstracts

  1. Hello. My name is Lucian Richards. I’m an artist in Austin, Tx. I really like your work. Your acrylic and wood pieces are very much in the style and composition of my own work. If you have the inclination to view my website I would value your opinion. http://revolucianarts.com. Good luck in the contest on Saatchiart. I also have a piece entered. Lucian

    • Hi Lucian, Sorry it took me a while but I finally checked out your website. Do you work with wood? I looked around but didn’t see what media the works were in. I can tell why you liked my acrylic and wood pieces! They are definitely similar. I liked your strong compositions, vibrant colors and textured backgrounds. I especially enjoyed “Conundrum no 2”, “Summertime” and “North Shore”. I liked how they were expanding on a Matisse theme. Very fresh! It was funny for me to see the title “North Shore” because I paint a lot there, only the North Shore in Massachusetts. It was presumptive to think our state would hold the only title and that Texas would have one at all! lol. I guess I have to get out more. It was good to see your work is in galleries. I hear the South West and California is more accepting to colorful works of art. Mostly the people who live in Massachusetts and New England are terrified of it and anything abstract, evidently. I finally will have my work in a gallery and when there aren’t any sales, I am unceremoniously evicted. Maybe I should try in another part of the country entirely. Anyway, thanks for visiting my site. If you don’t mind, I will also add you to my mailing list to receive updates on new works and shows. -Deb Bretton Robinson

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